Our product offering operates on the premise of highly accurate data, as such security forms a core part of our business. To that end we employ several strategies and policies which aim to ensure our code and back end application does no harm to your website and provides highly accurate and secure data.

Trusted by Thousands Every Day

Our backend infrastructure and code snippets are deployed on literally thousands of sites every day. For this reason security sits as our top priority during every update release and monthly review.

Security Basics

Each embedded code snippet is unique to your account and survey/quiz. The snippet is only updated when your project is saved. We use HTML, Javascript and CSS to create embedded surveys/quizzes. The code snippet is always fetched over https and is NOT depending upon your sites settings. At no point does our code snippet collect information regarding your website visitors or modify your existing code.

Third Party Tools

We do NOT use any third party tools, like Google Analytics or Facebook pixels, to collect data from our visitors, users, participants or quizzes. However, it is possible that a quiz admin implements third party metrics or embed Youtube in a quiz.


We require authentication for all management and data access features. Pages intended to be public are served over an SSL encrypted connection but do not require account authentication. All management and reporting features must be trusted by a validated account which is authenticated over an SSL encrypted connection. We do not enforce password complexity requirements but recommend the following: Passwords should be a minimum of 6 characters and include a mix of uppercase, lowercase and symbols and numbers. No plain text passwords are stored. Multiple invalid login attempts are monitored and will result in account lockout. Account access may be restored with email verification.
We encourage users to periodically update passwords and never use a password shared with another website.

SSL Encryption

All our quizzes/surveys are using a 256bit SSL encryption updated to use the strongest ciphersuites available.

User Permissions

Each user is assigned access to only a single authenticated brand account. No users including our staff may access multiple user accounts under a single login. All type accounts provide only a single type of user account. This account provides full reporting and edit permissions to the authenticated account.

Session Management

Sessions are only used functionally. Each time a user or participant visits website or quiz a unique session identifier is created which allows us to collect anonymous website statistics. We DO NOT USE Google analytics or any other third party services for tracking.


To improve our services, security, performance and support, we log user interactions with pressquiz. This is what we log in the admin:

  • Account Creation
  • Sign-in
  • Sign-out
  • Quiz Creation, Edits and Removal
  • Quiz Content Edits
  • License Upgrade/Downgrade

Beside the input fields that the user has created for the quiz, we only store the IP Address per user. We do this to be able to IP block mal users.

Further Information

Quizzes deemed to be offensive, illegal or defamatory may be removed at our sole discretion. If you have a complaint about a specific quiz please contact us via the link below and make sure you send us the link.

Should you require further clarification or have a suggestion in regards to our privacy policy please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.